Setting Up Keyword Tracking

Keyword Tracking Tools

When setting up a new SEO client, you will want to track their keyword rankings so that you can measure success overtime and spectate algorithm changes that cause rankings to shift. There are many keyword trackers out there are pretty good so I’m going to show you how to set them up in the keyword tracker that I use. The basic principles that I’m going to show you will apply in all keyword trackers.

  • Keyword: You can add a one-word keyword or a long-tail phrase.
  • Type: Organic, Local Pack, Google Maps
    • Search engine search results show many types of results such as organic results and local pack results. Some keyword trackers will allow you to track multiple types of results. Whitespark is one of the rank trackers that allows you to track organic, local pack, local finder, local knowedlge panel and Google maps!
    • Reference:
  • Location: Country, State, County, City
    • Most rank trackers will allow you to track keyword from different search locations on many levels.
  • Device: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
    • Since search results differ by device type the user is searching from, you can track keywords from desktop or mobile on some keyword trackers.
Keyword Tracker Type Locations Devices
Agency Analytics Organic, Local Pack, Google Maps Country, State, County, City Desktop, Mobile
Ahrefs Organic Country, State, City Desktop, Mobile
SEMrush Organic, Local Pack Country, State, City Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
BrightLocal Organic, Local Pack, Google Maps Desktop, Mobile
Whitespark Organic, Local Pack, Local Finder, Local Knowledge Panel, Google Maps

Agency Analytics

First off, why do I use Agency Analytics? Is it the best keyword tracker ever?! No, it’s decent but I’ve found that I prefer Whitespark’s keyword tracker. Then why do I use Agency Analytics? It’s because Agency Analytics has many other features that I need like a live SEO dashboard that includes more than ranking data. Plus, I can give my clients access. It makes monthly reporting a breeze and the reports look quite attractive. Agency Analytics is probably not a great fit for enterprise SEO clients or clients that have many locations but for most SMB clients it’s a perfect fit.

Am I an affiliate for Agency Analytics? Yes. After recommending them to many of my white label SEO clients, I realized that I could also get a referral credit for doing so. I am not recommending them for financial compensation. That’s just an additional bonus.

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If you don’t want to me to receive a referral credit for vetting and referring Agency Analytics to you, you can simply purchase a subscription to them without using my coupon code.

Agency Analytics Keyword Tracking Tutorial

  • Log into
  • Select the “campaign” (client website) you want to track keywords for
  • On the left hand site click on “SEO” then “Rankings”.
  • Click the “Add Keywords” button on the right.
  • Paste the keywords you want to track
  • Add the country, state, county or city that your client is want to rank in