How to Mine Google My Business Reviews


Google My Business reviews can have a large impact on local businesses.

GMB reviews have the potential to:

  1. Increase GMB Rankings
  2. Improve Business Operations
  3. Give You Better Conversion Rates

Why You’d Want to Mine GMB Reviews

  • You can mine GMB reviews to see what issues the business may be having; poor service, high prices, etc.
  • GMB reviews can help businesses gain insights on the customer experience, directly resolve complaints, make improvements to the business, and ultimately earn loyal customers.
  • You can also mine GMB reviews to discover high-performing staff and recognize them appropriately.

How to Do It

The tool I recommend using for this is called GMB Crush. Basically you will use GMB Crush to pull review data on the GMB listings that you choose. Then you can add this information to the Google Sheet template.

In the video below, I’m using this template here. Feel free to make a copy of it. Template

Video Walkthrough