Asana Local SEO Tasks Template

In Asana you can import a task list via CSV file. This feature is a life-saver! Because of this, you can import my Local SEO task list that I use for my own SEO clients.

First, you’ll need to create a project in Asana and name it something like “Local SEO Template Project”. This is going to be a template that you reuse.


Download this CSV file and upload it to your Asana account. Asana Template V3


For each new client that you onboard, you can simply copy the “Local SEO Template Project”.


Each Asana task that you imported has a description already and links to the relevant BHB training guide(s) need to complete the task. So you can simply assign the task to other team members with a due date and then can most likely complete the task on their own. Of course, they have to have some basic SEO and / or WordPress knowledge but the BHB guides will save a ton of time for you.