Outreach Email Templates: Resources

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Template #1

Hey, [name]!

I was searching for information on [topic] and came across your resources page: [link]

It's a great list. I discovered some new resources, so thank you.

I have another resource you may want to add to that list. It's a great addition because [reason (name what the other resources are missing)]. Take a look at it when you have a few minutes: [link].

Thanks for your time!

Template #2

Hey, [name]!

I was looking for some information on [topic] today, when I came across your excellent [page].

It was super helpful! I especially liked [personalized sentence].

Anyway, I realized that I recently published a page about [topic]: [link]

It’s [brief description].

It might make a nice addition under the [section name] on your page.

Thanks again for all of the excellent resources. And have an awesome week!