Slack Channels

Here’s a simple overview of all the Bring Home the Bacon Slack channels and the purpose of each one.

Channel Description
#ask-dani If you have a question for me, ask here and I’ll try my best to reply within 24 hours.
#automation Discuss what automations you have been using to save time or ask questions on how to automate some of your SEO work.
#bffs Every two weeks, I’ll schedule a time for two BHB members to meet remotely :computer: ! Let’s make friends!
#bhb-requests If you notice that a certain topic or feature is missing from Bring Home the Bacon, share it here.
#bhb-updates If any Bring Home The Bacon documents have been updated or new documents have been created, you’ll be notified here.
#crowdsourcing Do you need to enlist the services of multiple SEOs? Do you need other SEOs to upvote something, submit an edit, report a review, report a photo, or to take part in an SEO experiment? If so, you can ask them for help in this channel.
#general-seo Feel free to discuss and ask questions about any general SEO topics here.
#introductions If you are new here, introduce yourself in this channel. Don’t be shy! I’ve also set up alerts for any new users. If a new users signs up for Bring Home The Bacon, an alert will be posted here.
#job-openings If you are looking to hire an SEO, you can post any jobs here. Please do not post that you are looking for work in this channel, please only post job openings.
#local-seo Feel free to discuss and ask questions about any local SEO topics here.
#newbies If you are new to SEO, this channel was made just for you. Go ahead and ask any SEO questions that you have. None of your questions will be considered “dumb”.
#seo-news This channel is for sharing news about the SEO industry that could affect your business or your clients.
#technical-seo Feel free to discuss and ask questions about any technical SEO topics here.
#tools You can discuss SEO tools and software in this channel.