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Call Tracking Metrics

Call Tracking Metrics is a more robust call tracking software. However, it is time consuming to set up and requires many steps which leave much room for human error. I also do not like the way it tracks data in Google Analytics. It does not sent even data properly which forces you to create a tracking number for each individual source.

If you are using Call Tracking Metrics, here is how you track phone calls in Google Analytics. I’m assuming you’ve already added the Call Tracking Metrics code to the site.

Call Tracking Metrics Settings

First, you need to make sure you have turned on the Google Analytics integration in Call Tracking Metrics settings.


Call Tracking Metrics Goals in Google Analytics

Then you will need to set up Call Tracking Metics goals in Google Analytics.



Here’s how the event data is sent over from Call Tracking Metrics into Google Analytics.

Category Action (Tracking Number Description / Nickname) Label
Phone Google My Business “Google My Business”, +17272356880:first-call, 639XXXXXXX
Phone Google Ads “Google Ads”, +17275925440:first-call, 640XXXXXXX
Phone Google Ads “Google Ads”, +17275925440:repeat-call, 640XXXXXXX

When creating the phone call goals in Google Analytics, there are several that you can create which are helpful. Here’s a simple overview of the event categories and event labels you can use to track all phone calls, first time callers and repeat callers.

Goal Name Category (equals to) Action Label (regular expression) Value
All Phone Calls Calls Leave Blank Leave Blank Leave Blank
First Time Callers Calls Leave Blank first-call Leave Blank
Repeat Callers Calls Leave Blank repeat-call Leave Blank

I’ve already created these three Call Tracking Metrics goals in Google Analytics for you incase you don’t want to create them yourself. You can import them into your own Google Analytics account by clicking on this button.

Import GA Goals

*You can segment the calls even more if desired. The “event action” will match the description / nickname of the call tracking number in Call Tracking Metrics.


Goal Name Category (equals to) Action (equals to) Label (regular expression) Value
Google Ads Phone Calls Calls Google Ads Leave Blank Leave Blank
Organic Phone Calls Calls Organic Leave Blank Leave Blank
Google My Business Phone Calls Calls Google My Business Leave Blank Leave Blank
⚠ Note: Google only allows for one call per session to count as a goal completion. Because of this, if someone calls three times within one session, Google Analytics will only show one phone call under goals. If you want to see all phone calls, you have to look under “Events” in Google Analytics not “Goals”.