Gaining Access to Call Tracking Metrics

Access to Important Accounts

It’s best to have them add you as a user to their accounts instead of sharing their usernames and passwords with you. That way all your changes will be tracked under your account so you can’t be accused of something someone else did. Also, if you were to ever part ways, they can easily shut off your access to their accounts, thus protecting you from any accusations down the road.

Call Tracking Overview

Call tracking works by replacing the real business phone number on the website with call tracking numbers. When someone clicks on one of them from a mobile device, it will be tracked. When someone sees the tracking number on a desktop screen and manually dials the number from their phone, this will also be tracked.

When tracking clicks to phone numbers, this will mainly only track phone calls from mobile devices since they will be “clicking” on the phone number to call it. Most desktop users don’t click on phone numbers, they will manually dial the phone number from their phone. That is why tracking clicks on phone numbers is not nearly as accurate as using a call tracking solution.

Call Tracking Metrics

Moving Account Data

If your clients Call Tracking Metrics l data is inside of another parent Call Tracking Metrics account (for example their old SEO agencies account), you have the option of transferring their Call Tracking Metrics account to your own account or to your clients account.


Adding a New User

If your client has their own Call Tracking Metrics account but you don’t have one, they can simply add you as a user to their account.


Granting Access to an Existing User

If your client has their own Call Tracking Metrics account and you have your own they can grant you access using your current account.