Noindex Conversion Pages

If you have “confirmation” pages that users reach only after they have completed an important action, it’s a best practice to noindex these pages. Why?

Let’s say each time someone reaches the /thank-you/ page, you count that as a goal completion in Google Analytics. If a user finds that page in Google’s search results and visits it, this would count as a conversion in Google Analytics. And if you multiply that by many unique searchers, these visits now all count as a conversions in Google Analytics and severely skew your conversion data.

For this reason, it’s recommended that you noindex pages like these:

  • Confirmation pages
  • Thank you pages
  • Contact form redirect pages
  • Paid landing pages

You can look in Google’s SERPs to see if any conversion pages or landing pages are indexed using search operators like this: inurl:thank-you inurl:confirmation inurl:lp inurl:landing inurl:thank|confirmation|lp|landing