Content Review

We want to review all of the content on the site to see if any pages are missing. There may be keywords we want to target but no page exists yet for that topic. We also want to make sure that core service pages have enough copy and that the quality of the copy is high!

Copy the Template

First, make a copy of this content review template. Template

(not sure how to do that?)

Add Pages That Need to Be Created or Beefed Up

Missing Pages

Add any pages that are “missing”. If you want to target a certain keyword but a page for that keyword does not exist yet, that is considered a “missing” page. You will come across missing pages when you are doing keyword research in the Keyword Map task.

Thin Pages

Add any pages that have under 500 words in the body of the page. You can do this by using crawling software such as Screaming Frog.


Of course you would ignore any pages that are redirecting or are broken.

Creating Content

The next steps would be to create more specific content requirements. After that you can either hire a copywriter to work on these pages, have the client write the copy, or if you have a copywriter on your team they could take care of this.