Local SEO Timeline

You may be wondering what local SEO tasks need to be completed for clients. Here’s a high-level overview of what work needs to get done and in what order. You can click on each link for more detail and step-by-step guides.

Local SEO Onboarding

Before getting started on any SEO work, you will first need to gain access to several different client accounts. Here’s a list of the main one you may need to get access to.


After you have gained access to what you need, you will want to set up tracking in order to start collecting data. This will give you a baseline so that after making SEO changes you can measure results.


One-Time Local SEO Tasks

⚠ Note: Do not make any SEO changes until you have set up tracking. After you have set up tracking you will need to take the following steps below. Most likely, these will be one-time tasks. Of course, repeating the audits annually may be a good idea.

Website Audit

Google My Business


  •  Citation Audit
    • Manul
    • Automated [Documentation To Be Created]
  • Citation Clean Up
    • Manual
    • Automated [Documentation To Be Created]

Keyword Research

  • Content Suggestions for Missing Pages [Documentation To Be Created]
  • Content Pruning [Documentation To Be Created]
  • Improving Content Quality [Documentation To Be Created]


Ongoing SEO Tasks (Investment Protection)

After all the one-time SEO tasks have been completed, you will still have some work to do each month moving forward. Here are some of the ongoing SEO tasks that can be performed in order to help protect you or your clients SEO investments.

Update Citations

  • If the client has changes business names, phone numbers, physical addresses or website addresses all citations will need to be updated with this new information. Citation consistency is one of the critical relevancy factors for determining if your business is even eligible to show up in a Google’s local pack.
  • Suppressing Duplicates (if using a tool like Yext or Moz Local)

Collect Online Reviews

  • Send out requests to customers for feedback / reviews.

Google My Business


Create New Content

Repeat Audits Annually

  • Website
  • Citations
  • Reviews
  • Content
  • Backlinks

Monthly Reports

Further Reading: http://www.localvisibilitysystem.com/2016/12/15/one-time-work-vs-ongoing-work-in-local-seo/