Phone Call Tracking

Conversions Overview

Each client is going to have different goals. Some clients will consider a phone call the most important action a user can take on their site while others will think a contact form is more important. Because of this, I’m going to show you how to track them the top ones. You can choose to include or exclude any of them from your SEO strategy.

Phone Calls

How Does Call Tracking Work?

Call tracking works by replacing the real business phone number on the website with call tracking numbers. When someone clicks on one of them from a mobile device, it will be tracked. When someone sees the tracking number on a desktop screen and manually dials the number from their phone, this will also be tracked.

When tracking clicks to phone numbers, this will mainly only track phone calls from mobile devices since they will be “clicking” on the phone number to call it. Most desktop users don’t click on phone numbers, they will manually dial the phone number from their phone. That is why tracking clicks on phone numbers is not nearly as accurate as using a call tracking solution.