Gaining Access to Google Search Console

Access to Important Accounts

It’s best to have them add you as a user to their accounts instead of sharing their usernames and passwords with you. That way all your changes will be tracked under your account so you can’t be accused of something someone else did. Also, if you were to ever part ways, they can easily shut off your access to their accounts, thus protecting you from any accusations down the road.

Google Search Console Overview

You will need access to their current Google Search Console properties.

If client already has Google Search Console set up they should add [email] on the “owner” level of all four properties for each one of their sites.


*If they don’t have an SSL certificate installed on the site, then you won’t be able to get access to these.

Why do you need “owner” permissions? If you don’t have the proper user permissions, you won’t be able to complete important SEO tasks such as:

  • Adding another team member to Google Search Console
  • Configure Google Search Console setting


Google Search Console Access Email Template

Hello [name],

In order to provide the absolute best SEO services for you, we will need access to your Google Search Console properties. Please take the following steps.

Log into Google Search Console here:

In Google Search Console click on “settings” on the left hand side.

Then click on “users and permissions”.

Add [email] as a user and make sure to give them “full” permissions.

Please do this for all verified properties. If you don’t have all of them set up, please let us know.


Why do we need full permissions? If we don’t have the proper user permissions, we won’t be able to complete important SEO tasks that require:

1) Adding required team members to Google Search Console
2) Configuring Google Search Console settings


Let us know if you encounter any issues or have any questions.