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So not that you’ve joined BHB, what do you do?

The Slack Group

Well, first things first. Make sure you received your invite to our private Slack group and log in. This should arrive via email.

  • Make friends
  • Ask questions
  • Keep up with SEO news
  • Learn new tricks


You can use Slack in your browser or you can download an app for your computer (Mac or Windows) or mobile devices (iOS or Android).

Here’s a list of all the Slack channels and what they are for.

Local SEO Training

Start exploring the local SEO training documentation. Use the sidebar navigation or the search box to locate BHB guides.

You’ll want to review the Local SEO Timeline to see a high-level overview of what local SEO work needs to get done and in what order. Follow this timeline if you want to be successful. I link to any relevant sections and / or BHB guides.

Definitely download my Asana local SEO tasks list.

I’ve started to compile Local SEO Checklists for each type of local SEO task. The checklists include all steps that should been taken and links to relevant BHB guides.

You’ll also want to review My Local SEO Stack which covers all the tools that you’ll need to be effective at local SEO. I also note if they are free or if they cost money. This BHB guide is in the process of being created.

If you notice that a certain topic or feature is missing from Bring Home the Bacon, let me know in the #bhb-requests channel on Slack.

Anything else you need help with? Send me a message on Slack.