Content Ideas: Blog Posts

It is best to publish new blog posts regularly. Instead of creating short posts very often, try to aim to create in-depth post less often. Let’s say two highly engaging posts per month. Of course, if clients can only come up with short posts, those will be better than nothing.

It can be hard to come up with ideas on what to write about but these references can help you to come up with some great topics!

After you have selected a subject, think of 3-4 topics you want to address in the post and create an outline. For example, if someone is going to write a post about Legal Separation at a local law firm you could include these topics in the outline.

  • When can you file for a separation?
  • Does Florida recognize legal separation?
  • Are there any other substitutes for legal separation?
  • Can I get child support and alimony if I am separated?

Once the post has been written, you can add the bullet points listed above as h2 or h3 headings in the article and go into more depth about each bullet point.