Gaining Access to Google Analytics

Access to Important Accounts

It’s best to have them add you as a user to their accounts instead of sharing their usernames and passwords with you. That way all your changes will be tracked under your account so you can’t be accused of something someone else did. Also, if you were to ever part ways, they can easily shut off your access to their accounts, thus protecting you from any accusations down the road.

Google Analytics Access

You will need access to their current Google Analytics account(s).

If client already has Google Analytics set up they should add [email] on all four levels:

  • Edit
  • Collaborate
  • Read & Analyze
  • Manage Users


Why do you need all four levels of permissions? If you don’t have the proper user permissions, you won’t be able to complete important SEO tasks such as:

  • Adding another team member to Google Analytics
  • Adding goals to Google Analytics
  • Verify Google Search Console properties via Google Analytics

These are all roadblocks due to limited user permissions. Trust me, do it right the first time or you’ll be nagging your client for weeks to change your user permissions.

If the client does not have Google Analytics set up yet, then you will need to install this on their website for them.

Google Analytics Access Email Template

Hello [name],

In order to provide the absolute best SEO services for you, we will need access to your Google Analytics account(s). Please take the following steps.

Log into Google Analytics here:

In Google Analytics, click on “admin” in the bottom left corner.

Then under the “account” column, click on “user management”.

Add [email] as a user and make sure to select all four options:

1) Edit
2) Collaborate
3) Read & Analyze
4) Manage Users

Please do this for any necessary accounts. Why do we need all four levels of permissions? If we don’t have the proper user permissions, we won’t be able to complete important SEO tasks that require:

1) Adding required team member to Google Analytics
2) Adding goals to Google Analytics
3) Verifying Google Search Console properties via Google Analytics


Let us know if you encounter any issues or have any questions.

How to Recover Google Analytics Data

If a clients Google Analytics account is being held hostage there are a few things you can do.

  1. Make a copy of the Google Analytics tracking code that is currently on the site and is being held hostage. This will give you the UA code for your records and you’ll be able to add the tracking code back to the site if the current hostage-takers remove it.
  2. Make sure to keep the Google Analytics tracking code on the site so that Google’s support team can see it on the site.
  3. Try to work with the hostage-takers to get ownership of Google Analytics by using the three email templates below.
  4. If the hostage-takers refuse to work with you, it’s time to ask Google for help.
  5. Prove ownership of the site by uploading an analytics.txt file using this tutorial:
  6. After uploading the file, fill out this form:

Google Analytics Account Held Hostage Email Templates

[Email #1]

Hello [name],

We know that you have been servicing [] and appreciate all you have done for them. As you know, they will be coming on board as one of our new clients effective [date]. This email is not to cancel their services with you as they will be communicating with you about that.

This email is to request ownership of their Google Analytics account: UA-XXXXXXXXX-X. Can you please add [email] as an owner with the highest level of user permissions in Google Analytics? Here is a helpful guide on how to do that:

Please make sure that [email] has all four boxes checked in the user permissions settings:

1) Edit
2) Collaborate
3) Read & Analyze
4) Manage Users


Once the effective date has passed, we can remove your teams access to Google Analytics. We will not do this until the client has officially transitioned from your company to ours.
[Email #2 – If They Say No]

Hi [name],

It seems like your company has a good reputation and I’m sure you’d like to find a way to work together successfully.

We understand if you don’t want to give admin permissions in your account to a client that will no longer be a customer of yours. Were you aware that the Google Analytics property for [client name] can be moved to a different account via this form: We weren’t sure if you knew this is was an option.

Would you prefer to go this route?
[Email #3 – If They Still Say No]

Hi [name],

I’ve put in a good amount of time trying to find a way to make the Google Analytics account transition process go smoothly. You guys have a great reputation and I was expecting that this transaction would remain professional. Our goal is to work together with you, not against you.

I’m sure you know how important a client’s Google Analytics data is to them. If you are not willing to work together on giving us ownership of the Google Analytics account for [] unfortunately I’ll have no choice but to reach out to one of my contacts at Google and escalate this issue. Although, it is my hope that you will want to cooperate with us. Since your company has a good name, I’m sure you would not want to jeopardize your standing with Google.

Let me know how you’d like to proceed.