Content Audit

Content Audit Overview

We want to review all of the content on the site to see if we can make any improvements to the pages.

Missing Pages

There may be keywords we want to target but no page exists yet for that topic. The solution here is to create new pages for these keywords.

Thin Pages

We also want to make sure that core service pages have enough copy and that the quality is high! Each important page on the site should have at least 500 words.

Low-Hanging Fruit

These are pages that are ranking on the top three pages of Google that may bump up in rankings from small tweaks such as updating the title tag or adding more internal links.

Duplicate / Similar Pages

If you come across pages that are very similar or exact copies you may want to merge these pages.

Content Pruning

There may be pages that have been optimized and been around for a long time that don’t have any value. These can be removed and be left to 404.

Improving Content Quality

If pages have grammar or spelling errors, these should be fixed. Also, make sure that the content is actually enjoyable to read.

Improving CTR

Some pages ranking on the top three pages of Google may have a decent amount of impressions but they don’t get many clicks. Revisiting the page titles, meta descriptions and rich snippets for these pages can improve click-through-rate.

Improving CRO

Some pages may get many users but won’t convert well for some reason. If there is no CTA on the page, add one. If there is one, make sure it stands out clearly.

Improving User Engagement

There are pages that users land on but then leave the site immediately without browsing other pages on the site. We want users to visit more than one page on the site and to stay a while reading content.

Improve Targeting

There can be times when multiple pages are competing over the same keyword. Improving keyword targeting on these pages can help this issue.

Backlinks to 404s

If there are backlinks pointing to pages that 404, 301 redirects should be set up for these. Redirect users to the most relevant page possible.

Performing The Content Audit

Crawling the Site with Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog Configuration

In order to use this template you need to use the WordPressV1 Screaming Frog configuration. Screaming Frog File

Make sure to take the following steps before starting the crawl.

  • Import SF Configuration
  • Connect Google Analytics
  • Connect Google Search Console
  • Connect Ahrefs
  • Enable Crawl Analysis
  • Enable Near Duplicates

Content Audit Template

Then make a copy of the Content Audit Template. Template

Content Audit Walkthrough