Creating a Keyword Map

First, make a copy of this keyword map template. template

(not sure how to do that?)

Pulling Site Data

You will need to use a crawling software in order to pull a list of all URLs on the site along with their data. I use Screaming Frog for this. We need to get all the items listed below and past them into the Google Sheet you just created.

  • URLs
  • Page Titles
  • Meta Descriptions
  • H1s

Matching Keywords to Pages

Try to match keyword from the list you created when doing keyword research with each page listed in the keyword map. You’ll mainly want to focus on the home page, service pages and the contact page. Other miscellaneous pages such as the about page may not have a keyword to target. For example, who searching for phrases like “about simon’s dental center”? No one.

If you notice there is a keyword that would be great to target, but that there is no corresponding page a page for that keyword will need to be created. You’ll want to add this page / topic to the “content suggestions”.

Examples of multiple keywords that are similar that you can target on the same page:

  • Pet Grooming, Dog Grooming, Cat Grooming
  • HVAC Service, HVAC Services
  • Online Marketing, Internet Markting, Digital Marketing

Examples of multiple keywords that are not similar enough to target on the same page:

  • Pet Grooming, Pet Boarding
  • Air Conditioning Installation, Heater Repair
  • Online Marketing, Website Design

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