Dani Owens: Local SEO Expert

I'm Dani Owens, a local SEO consultant and the owner of Pigzilla. I've been in SEO since 2011 but in 2014 I officially started my own business. My resources have been mentioned and shared by local SEO experts such as Eric Ward, Darren Shaw, Phil Rozek, Marie Haynes, David Mihm and Local U.

Am I really an SEO expert? Well, like everything, it's all about perspective. Compared to most small business owners, yes I'm an expert and am able to educate, advise and implement local SEO tactics quite well. Compared to other SEOs who've been doing this for decades, I'm probably considered intermediate. However, I do have over eight years of local SEO experience and consider myself highly capable of helping you solve your local SEO issues.

I specialize in local SEO for businesses that have one location, multiple locations or businesses that travel to their customer's location. As long as you are looking to rank in a geographic area(s), I can help. I also offer white label SEO services for digital agencies and SEO training.

For each project that I take on, I work with a team of freelancers as-needed that I hand-pick. This ensures that all tasks required for your project are handled by top experts in their field. For example, I'm not an expert at copywriting so collaborating with an experienced copywriter gives you top-tier results.

There are many SEO scammers out there that just want to make a quick buck. I, on the other hand, want to provide real value to my clients and give them a return on their investment.

My Agency Days

Before Pigzilla I worked at a digital agency for five years where I was able to gain a lot of enterprise SEO experience. During this time, we focused on digital marketing for dealers and brands that sold products within stores that they did not own. This gave me the opportunity to work with large international brands such as STIHL, Club Car, Ariens & Gravely, etc. These types of clients sold their products in hundreds to thousands of locations. I was able to soak up as much local SEO knowledge as I could from my brilliant team members. In addition, I spent hours reading articles, tutorials and case studies online. To this day, that is how I keep myself up to date on changes in the SEO industry.

SEO Testimonials

Danielle has worked with me on hundreds of projects for my clients over the years, and I can say she is a rare type of person, especially in the world of local SEO. She takes every project seriously, works both hard and smart, and meets deadlines. On the rare occasion something comes up, she communicates appropriately. Unlike most of the relatively few people who are as knowledgeable and experienced at SEO as Danielle is, Danielle doesn’t fixate on “hacks” and shortcuts, and isn’t afraid to do the less-glamorous but crucial work - like researching link opportunities and doing outreach, or auditing citations, or finding and fixing technical website issues. Unlike most “freelancers,” Danielle doesn’t need to be micromanaged. She asks just enough questions to get it right. Unlike many people who have been in the industry for more than a couple years, Danielle is cheerful and easygoing. It’s always been clear to me that Danielle does local SEO because she enjoys the work and then became good at it - in that order. Whether you’re a “local” business owner or a marketer who works with clients, Danielle is a go-to gal. You’d be wise to hire her while you still can.
Phil Rozek Phil Rozek: Owner of Local Visibility System

I worked with Dani a year ago and found her knowledge of SEO was great. She was super easy to work with and always met deadlines and was an excellent communicator. It's hard to find people these days that are both reliable and extremely knowledgeable in their field and Dani is definitely one of those rarities!
Joy Hawkins Joy Hawkins: Google My Business Top Contributor & Owner of Sterling Sky

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