“Scale Your SEO Revenue” is a training course that shares a high-level overview of what you can do to grow your local SEO business.

by Dani Owens

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Who Is This Course For?

  • SEO Agencies – Do you have your own SEO business and are ready to scale it?
  • Digital Agencies – Do you not offer SEO services yet but would like to add an additional revenue stream?
  • SEO Consultants & Freelancers – Are you currently working as an SEO consultant or freelancer and would like to delegate some tasks to your helpers?

Are you looking to scale your local SEO revenue? Or do you not currently offer local SEO as a service to your clients and would like to start doing so? If so, this course is going to cover:

1. How to Get More SEO Leads

One of the first things you’ll be worried about as an SEO is:
“Where do I get my leads?"
"Where can I find potential clients so that I can pitch to them?”

2. How to Close More SEO Deals

One of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to learn how to do is close an SEO deal. You may face the same challenge and be asking yourself, “How can I get better at closing SEO deals”?

3. How to Charge More for SEO

“Everyone wants cheap SEO. Leads balk at my SEO prices.” Does this sound like you? For the longest time, I did SEO work for super cheap; I was just getting started out. But over time, I realized the value that I was bringing to my clients and realized I needed to start charging properly for the work I was doing.

4. How to Automate Your SEO Processes

Does this sound like you?
"I am overworked and don’t have the time to train anybody to help me."
"How do I free up some of my time?"
"Can any of my SEO work be automated?"

5. How to Get Stuff Done

"My clients get me off track with random questions."
"My clients eat up their SEO time with one-off requests."
"My client is always messing with their own SEO."
"How do you not get sucked into doing free work?"
Find out how to not get sidetracked by clients or team members.

6. How to Prove The Value of Your SEO Work

"My clients want to know what they are paying for. They don’t understand SEO."
"How do you prove the value of your work to your clients?"

7. How to Retain Your SEO Clients

"My clients don’t stay long. They cancel after a few months."
"How do can I keep clients long-term?"

8. How to Get SEO Results

"I can’t seem to get my client better results. What SEO processes and tasks should I be doing?"

About The Teacher

I’m Dani Owens, a local SEO consultant, and the owner Pigzilla. My resources have been mentioned and shared by local SEO experts such as Eric Ward, Darren Shaw, Phil Rozek, Marie Haynes and David Mihm. I specialize in local SEO for businesses that have one location, multiple locations or businesses that travel to their customer’s location.

There are many SEO scammers out there that just want to make a quick buck. I, on the other hand, want to provide real value to my clients and give them a return on their investment.

Before Pigzilla I worked at a digital agency for five years. During this time, we focused on digital marketing for dealers and brands that sold products within stores that they did not own. This gave me the opportunity to work with large international brands such as STIHL, Club Car, Ariens & Gravely, etc. These types of clients sold their products in hundreds to thousands of locations. I was able to soak up as much local SEO knowledge as I could from my brilliant team members. In addition, I spent hours reading articles, tutorials and case studies online. To this day, that is how I keep myself up to date on changes in the SEO industry.