Local SEO Programs Customized for Service Area Businesses

Service area businesses usually don’t have a physical office location that the public can visit in order to do business. These businesses will travel to their customers to perform work. For example, a plumber may use his home address for his business but they never have any customers come to their home. Instead, they drive to their customer’s home to work on their plumbing issues. Other examples include locksmiths, maid services, limousine services, mobile notaries, carpet cleaners, freelancers, etc.

A service area business may even have a physical office location that customers can visit. But when they perform work, they will still need to travel to their customer’s location to carry out their work. For example, an HVAC company that has an office but still travels to its customer to fix their AC.

Service Area Businesses Often Run Into These Challenges

  • How can I get more potential customers to contact me?
  • How do I know if the money I’m spending on SEO is working?
  • How can I rank in cities where I don’t have a physical location?
  • Where can I create local business listings that will let me hide my home address?
  • How can I generate and display reviews from customers that are located in different service areas?

Each business and its goals are different. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone design a customized SEO program for your service area business? That’s exactly what I do. Pigzilla offers local SEO programs that are built around your business goals and are focused on getting you a return on your investment.

My Custom SEO Program Includes

  • Business Discovery
  • Complete SEO Audit
  • SEO Action Plan
  • Website Optimizations
  • Content Assessment
  • Google My Business
  • Citation Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Link Building
  • SEO Monitoring
  • Tracking & Reporting