Owner Verified Local Business Listings

When a new local business is opened, their local business information is not yet on the Internet. It won’t be included in search results until the business owner submits their local business information to local data aggregators or until the publisher (Google, Yahoo, Bing) discovers that there is a new business in some other way. The business owner may also manually create them on each publisher’s site.

Claim Your Local Business Listings

If your local business data has already been syndicated across the Internet, this does not mean that your job is done. Your local business data is going to be used to populate local business listings across search engines, local Internet directories, Internet yellow pages and other various websites. The majority of the time, you as the business owner have to ability to take control of your local business listings. What you are really doing is “claiming” your listing by verifying you are the business owner. This entails going to each publisher’s site to see if your listing is there and then creating an account with them. You will then have to go through a verification process that will allow you to take control of your local business listings.

Optimize Your Local Business Listings

But wait, this isn’t the end of the road! Once you have claimed your local business listings, it is imperative that you “optimize” your listings. You do this by adding photos of your business, filling in a detailed business description, assigning the correct categories to your business and much more. Each listing should take time and much thought since it will be representing you and your local business. These local business listings are like digital billboards that should be used to attract and acquire new customers while also allowing for you to interact with both new and long-time customers.

Why Is Google My Business So Important?

As a local SEO consultant, I know that if you have a Google My Business listing, your business will be shown on Google Maps, Google’s search results and Google+, not to mention Google Apps that people download on their phones.

70% of people searching Google on their cell phones will call a business directly from the search results! You must have a Google My Business listing. If your listing shows in the search results, searchers are more likely to call your business.

Custom SEO Programs Designed Around Your Business

I believe strongly in the entire SEO process and typically do not offer one-off services. If you focus on only one aspect of SEO, most likely you won’t get the results you are looking for. Because of this, I offer ongoing SEO programs that include all aspects of SEO. Apply For My SEO Program.