Depending on what shape your website is in, it can take a minimum of 4-12 months to increase your website’s rankings. Some SEO scammers will build a bunch of spammy links to your website in order to get it to rank quickly. This may seem great at first but once Google finds out, they can penalize your website or even remove it completely from Don’t let this happen to your website. Make sure you are getting links built to your website the proper way. I’m a local SEO consultant that takes link building seriously.

What I Do

When it comes to link building, quality over quantity is a must. A few well-chosen links can be more effective than a whole bunch of low-quality links. I research link opportunities that are relevant to your industry and business location but that also are on higher quality sites.

If link building is approached in a balanced and proper way, it can be very effective and fall within Google’s guidelines.
Some link building tactics that can be used are:

  • Broken link building
  • Link reclamation
  • Unlinked mentions
  • Resources
  • Interviews
  • Sponsorships
  • Scholarships
  • Guest posts
  • Associations
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Competitors

Link building tactics that should be avoided:

  • Private blog networks (PBNs)
  • Buying links
  • Massive guest posting campaigns
  • Choosing anchor text
  • Press releases
  • Low-quality directories
  • Hidden links
  • Embed links
  • Sitewide links
  • Link exchanges
  • Article spinning

Custom SEO Programs Designed Around Your Business

I believe strongly in the entire SEO process and typically do not offer one-off services. If you focus on only one aspect of SEO, most likely you won’t get the results you are looking for. Because of this, I offer ongoing SEO programs that include all aspects of SEO. Apply For My SEO Program.