Duplicate Content

A common issue on local business websites is duplicate content. If you need to create multiple location pages or service area pages, it’s easy to simply copy each page and replace the city name in the URL, headings and in the body. Unfortunately, this is what many people do when creating location pages and service area pages.
Lazy Service Area Page Example

In reality, each page on the site (no matter what type it is) should be as unique as reasonably possible. So how can you do that on location pages and service area pages? One way is to create localized content for each location page or service area page.

A tool you can use to see if you have internal duplicate content is Siteliner.

Location x Service Pages and Service Area x Service Pages
Some people have used the strategy of creating multiple service pages per location. This could or could not be in addition to the main service pages on the site.

It looks like this:

  • domain.com/hvac-services/
    • domain.com/hvac-services/ac-repair/
    • domain.com/hvac-services/heater-repair/
    • domain.com/hvac-services/air-purification/
  • domain.com/hvac-office/tampa/
    • domain.com/hvac-office/tampa/ac-repair/
    • domain.com/hvac-office/tampa/heater-repair/
    • domain.com/hvac-office/tampa/air-purificaiton/
  • domain.com/hvac-office/st-pete/
    • domain . . .

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