Asana Local SEO Tasks Template

In Asana you can import a task list via CSV file. This feature is a life-saver! Because of this, you can import my Local SEO task list that I use for my own SEO clients.

First, you’ll need to create a project in Asana and name it something like “Local SEO Template Project”. This is going to be a template that you reuse.


Download this CSV file and upload it to your Asana account: asana template


For each new client that you onboard, you can simply copy the “Local SEO Template Project”.


Each Asana task that you imported has a description already and links to the relevant BHB training guide(s) need to complete the task. So you can simply assign the task to other team members with a due date and then can most likely complete the task on their own. Of course, they have to have some basic SEO and / or WordPress knowledge but the BHB guides will save a ton of time for you.