Google Related Searches, People Also Search For, People Also Ask, Autocomplete

Google has tested a variety of options in which they offer additional search results and/or related search queries. We just wanted to recap some of them and briefly cover how they may be related to one another.

People Also Search For

Barry Schwartz shared information on this a while back and mentioned that “People Also Search For” is powered by Google’s Knowledge Graph.


People Also Ask

There is no concrete evidence that exposes what Google is using to power “People Also Ask”.

People Also Ask Mobile 1

Related Searches

Top searches and rising trends are what is used by Google to find related searches.


You will notice that the related searches are in this order:

  • how to install ssl certificate hostgator
  • how to install ssl certificate bluehost
  • how to install ssl certificate centos
  • how to install ssl certificate comodo
  • how to install ssl certificate apache

When viewing Google’s Autocomplete suggestions below, the same options are shown in the same order. You can’t see the entire list below but you can try it out for yourself.


Google says Autocomplete will “reflect what other people are searching for and the content of web pages.”


Many of these related searches are very helpful but it would be nice if Google would decide which ones to stick to.

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